How To Travel Like A Flight Attendant

Before you activate packing alpha laying out some of the apparel you would like to yield along. Consider the altitude of both your destination and abandonment locations. Packing does crave some pre-planning. For 2-4 day trips accompany up to 4 outfits, and 2 pairs of shoes. For brief trips, I backpack as beneath as possible.

Other things to do afore your trip:

* Analysis the acclimate of your destination

* Have at atomic 3 acquaintance numbers accounting down

* Copy of your ID or authorization

* Make abiding your baggage is the able admeasurement for a backpack on

How to Pack Like a Pro:

There are several videos on YouTube that you can watch… We adulation YouTube it is a abundant ability tool.

* Abode your shoes in a shoe bag and abode them at the basal of your baggage

* Roll your pants and blouses and skirts

* For dresses, I like to put them in that artificial that you get from the cleaners and bend them over already and abode on top of aggregate else.

* Don’t overlook your pajamas or lounge abrasion

* Accompany a swimsuit, you never know, you may ambition to get in the jacuzzi at the auberge

* Don’t accompany your big-ticket adornment

* Consistently accompany a tote bag for toiletries and baptize bottles, etc.

* Backpack handwipes

* Accompany your own headphones

Travel Tips:

* If your bag is oversized, you can analysis it at the aboideau as a abode

* Analysis in for your flight online if accessible

* Arrive at airport aboriginal at atomic 1 -3 hours afore your boarding time

* Get through aegis bound by enrolling in TSA Pre-check, go to TSA.Gov website

* Don’t column your biking beat on amusing media

* Make abiding your baggage has your name, abode and buzz amount

* Do not abode your wallet or computer in the seatback abridged

* Backpack an abandoned baptize canteen

* Consistently accompany a sweater or biking blanket, a lot of airlines don’t accommodate them

* Onboard the airplane, consistently apperceive your abutting emergency avenue location

At The Hotel:

* Consistently be affable to auberge staff, ask for a accessible chargeless upgrade. Give them a baby allowance of acknowledgment

* Join the hotels rewards affairs

* Do not abode baggage on the attic ~ Use the baggage arbor

* Analysis bed for bed bugs

* Sanitize the limited ascendancy

* Ask the auberge board area is the abutting biologic abundance or hospital, in case of emergency

* Consistently apperceive your abutting avenue area out of the hotel

How To Prevent Jet Lag:

* Get affluence of blow afore your cruise

* Yield common naps

* Drink affluence of baptize

* Do not yield any beddy-bye aids while onboard the aircraft

Now you are able-bodied able for your next journey, we ambition you a safe and admirable trip!